Chief Charge Book

Chief Charge book Kits. Make your own charge vessel that you can be proud of, closes perfectly. All you need to do is stain or oil, and apply a finish coat. Additionally, apply your hardware: warfare devices, rate pins, brass plates (Name and Date), that I have engraved for you. Everything you see is included. E-mail, CPO Box is 12.75"x10.5"

Total amount is $165.00 each with shipping included. If you just want the anchor you can buy them on my Amazon link. Email me directly for orders of 10 or more Anchors and I will give free shipping. I also can make brass plates for $5 each one inch by four inches, normally need 2 for a box, one for the name and one for the date.


Charge Book Kit

navy chief charge book

Chief Charge Book engraved on front

Chief Charge Book Vessels

These Vessels were made 08/20/2011 with the selectees at my house. They did most of the work, and I supervised.



Navy Chief Charge Book Vessel

Add in some custom wording to the back of the charge book to show your mess how you are together! Extra $30 each box.

navy chief navy pride charge book cover

Chief Charge book below is Stained golden oak

Navy Chief Charge book no brass or coins

Charge Book Vessel below has my custom made 4" CPO anchor installed and counter sunk coins

navy chief charge bookBelow Chief charge vessels were a group order and they selected some coins to counter sink into the wood. Shipping and rapping was $150 for 4 day FED-EX.

(Stained Golden Oak 210B)

Chief Charge Book Vessels

Below is a picture of a chief charge book cover that has not been stained solid oak. Look above at the finished picture to see what it came out like. I don't engrave names anymore becasue they don't look as nice as the Brass plates.


Navy Chief Boxes

This was my vessel charge book. Wrong wood, but I am Proud of my charge book.

Many tools are required to make the perfect charge book. Below is a sample of what I will do to make yours perfect! This is your book and it will make you proud to carry! Get an idea and I will put it on your case. I have re-made many Chief's charge vessels because they wanted something more.

navy chief charge book construction

sanding navy vesselsNavy Chief Navy Charge books navy chief navy pride

Vessels for Selectees

Navy charge books

Sanding Charge BookSanding the charge booksATG_NAVYCharge Books Finished 2013Finished Charge book

navy charge book

Need a combo (Combination) cover box? The cover gets lifted when you open. Also has your name and rank engraved on the Plexiglas. $250.00 + Shipping.

Military Hat Box for a group order

Chief Military Hat Box

Navy Hat BOX military