Navy USCG Hat box

Below military hat box were Stained (RED MAHOGANY 225) Most Popular!

military navy hat box coast guard

Below are two beautiful hat boxes for two Marine Master Gunnery Sergeants. A great gift for anyone retiring or departing a command!USMC Cover Box

USCG Cover box with frosted engraving was $250.00

USCG Hat Box

navy chief and officer hat box

ADD $30 for solid cover and $25 for the chain and lifter bottom.

navy chief military hat box

Military Hat Cover box below with cherry rim and stained "Golden Oak 210B" e-mail for quote.military hat box senior chief

Coast Guard Chief Hat Cover box! Counter sunk coins and laser engraved sides.... Very impressive in person!

Engraving one side is $25.00 it also extends the final to 30 days.

Need a military combo cover hat box? The cover gets lifted when you open. Also has your name and rank engraved on the Plexiglas.

Video link below.

military hat box

Military Combination cover hat box below was just oiled to bring out the original color of the oak. Red paint for anchor was requested.

Cover box with red

Cover box below was for a Warrant officer, great idea for any retirement or commissioning! this is a great idea for anyone in the service or police force.

cpo cover box

BOX 2 Below (RED MAHOGANY 225) Case below was for the admiral of pearl harbor. gift from wardroom.

officer hat box gift

BOX 2 Below (RED MAHOGANY 225)

Officer Departing gift military hat box