Podiums $1545.00

local pick up only in Oahu, Hawaii.

Is your ship stopping by Oahu? 10 days to turn around a Podium. Hand crafted and made of oak. Heavy! Any size can be made. Raised up to protect from non-skid. Ships Crest is not included. I can get you the company that makes them. Powerful looking!

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chain of command boards $800.00

local pick up only in Oahu, Hawaii.

Photos can easily be removed and updated. We can work with you for the amount of photos you need to display. We can make it match stain of podiums for a complete package. We provide the brass.

Chain of command board in and out board. $450 with brass included.

chain of command board

USS Okane's flag stand. $750.00

Remade the CHIEF MESS TABLE for a legacy gift from the new Chiefs!

SUBMARINE CHIEF MESS TABLEThe Hardest and most fun thing to make! RIM SHOTS, many try to copy but there is only one. For now because of the work $350.00. Has Chart from the Navagation team from the Navy and SUB shot holders. This takes time to make so less then 3 weeks pleases don't ask.


Solid koa shadowbox end table with 2 drawers and cmc anchors as the handle. has a cutlass holder and 200 coin rack holder. top is 1/4" glass and can hold 45lb. $2200 if I have time.... 4 months heads up to make

koa shadowbox table stand

LDO shadowbox with cutlass holder on top. has the officer and chief letter openers inside.

LDO Shadowbox

Flag holder $150 has a lid and made of quality wood

flag holder70 coin rack $99.00 plus shipping

Award picture frame display. $200.00 and they take some time because we order the matting and that takes 3-4 weeks. Looks Great!

Flag and certification Case

We will have to work together to create your flag case. The price all depends on what you want. The case below was $140.00.

wall anchors! $35.00 for one, $30.00 additional

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Commanding officers in and out box $150.00

Any stain with "IN" and "OUT" Brass plates. (Brass not in photo)

Above: This very in and out box is sitting on the Chief of Staff's office here in Hawaii. High quality is what we provide!

Commanding Officers eot award $235.00

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You provide what you want to see in the case. Quartermasters know how to get what should be in here! Commissioning Pennant should be from ship! (This photo was taken as an approval photo. Everything was just sitting there, when finished flag pressed SWO & ESWS pins flat.) This is hanging on a happy Captains wall as we speak. Center of attention for change of commands.

Shadowbox coffee table

shadowbox coffee table

End of tour awards for Quartermasters $30.00 if you get us everything.

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Dividers are expensive as well as the brass, and rate pin. You provide coin. we can recess the coin you provide into the placket.

SWO qual board

Bigger Coin Racks

Any size coin rack can be created! This is mine below! It holds over 55 coins. But shipping will depend where you are from Hawaii.

275 Coin Rack

Local pick up only, because it is heavy, stands by self. $320.00


Desk name display with Brass name plate $65.00

You provide anything extra you want on name plate.

Only Wood and Brass included.

Are you pulling your weight?