Good enough for an Admiral (0-10) Good Enough for you!

Admiral's shadowbox below is made of solid koa 3 weeks to make.

admiral shadow box

For any case we can add in hangers for your sword. Great way to display your sword! Price all vary of wood, size and time I spend on your shadowbox.

admiral sword officer saber

Shadow box with coin rack e-mail to start your order

Oak Military Shadowbox Case below is $325 includes 2 x 8 brass name plate and mounting, and had the coin rack inside. Mounting is $60. Coins above name plate were counter sunk into the Shadowbox case. The Shadowbox measures 36" wide and 23" top to bottom. Made of Oak stained RED MAHOGANY. Plexiglas covers, and the right side of shadowbox can be removed for access.

shadow box officer navy

Below is a 2 Star Admiral's shadowbox with a sword holder on top and a coin rack on the bottom. $350 36x24. Mounting is $60 extra.


Tiger Wood Military Shadowbox below is 36x22 and cost is $350 with felt. Mounting is $60.

tiger wood shadowbox

Military shadow box Case below is golden oak and 36x20 $325.00 add mounting for $60.00.

shadow box Chaps Captain US Navy

Coast Guard Captain's Shadowbox made of Koa $355.00. Two brass plates were $25.00. Flag was not mounted in this pic, but mounting everything else was $60.00.

Coast Guard Captain Shadowbox

Shadow box below is made of tiger wood and very heavy! It is 36 wide and 23 tall. It has black felt for backing and 4 flags. US, TX, HI, and Navy.

$400.00 for this size of case. Walls are 4" high to fit the mini CPO cover.

Brass was provided by the buyer and mounting was $60.00 for everything like the flags and everything else.

shadow box tirer wood navy chief

Shadowbox below is made of tiger wood and is 36"x24" with 4" walls. Lots of original ideas. $400 with mounting.

Air Force Shadowbox

Oak Shadowbox with many extras. $380 with brass and mounting.

Navy Chief Charge bookShadow box below is made of tiger wood and very heavy! It is 36 wide and 23 tall. $ 320.00 includes felt. Mounting is 60 and brass was $25

tiger wood shadowbox

Case below is made of Cherry and 22x28 and has a coin rack in front of the US flag inside of the Plexiglas. $325

USCG Shadowbox

Marine Colonel Shadowbox with sword holder $355 (36"x24")

Marine Officer Shadowbox

Air Force shadowbox with coin rack $360 (36"x24") Mounting $60

Air Force Shadowbox

Cherry Shadowbox $375 36" wide and 22" tall.

Chief Shadow Box

case below is made of cherry and is 28x 22 wide. $320 with felt Mounting is $60

Shadowbox Subs

Military Shadowbox below is 36x18 and cost is $310, Mounting $60, $30 brass plate.shadow box captain navy

Torii Gate Shadowbox for LDO that was stationed most of his career in Japan. Shoulder boards added after retirement to save some cash. This shadowbox is $550.00 with the brass plates. Extremely Heavy! Top part of shadowbox is 48" and it stands 48" high.

torii gate shadow boxShadow box below is $255 with small brass plate laser engraved. case is 24 wide and 15 tall.


Shadowbox below is $295.00 with mounting and brass name plate. does not include the large brass plate you see inside. Add the plate for $20.00.

0-6 shadow box

shadow box made of tigerwood

The two Shadowbox's below are (STAINED RED MAHOGANY 225) 18"x22" $255.00 any backing, black or blue felt or wood?

shadow box


Coast Guard Chief case $285 (free mounting)

coast guard chief

Shadow box below is $225 with small brass plate laser engraved. Shadowbox case is 24 wide and 15 tall.


Koa case below

chief cutlass shadowbox

mustang sword case shadow box

click photo below

chief cutlass shadowbox

Cutlass Shadowbox below stained "Golden Oak 210B"

chief cutlass shadowbox

chief cutlass shadowbox

chief cutlass shadowboxchief shadowbox

chief cutlass shadowbox

mustang shadowbox

cutlass shadowbox

cutlass shadow box

retirement shadowbox


chief anchor