Retired Navy Chief Quartermaster Gleason enlisted as a deck seaman 1997, and worked his way up the chain of command to Chief. Being a Quartermaster on a ship has lots of different responsibilities and one is the wood on the ship. Podiums, chain of command boards, and wood rails on the bridge wings. His love for woodworking started as a young seaman and grew into something huge with gifts and awards. Using pride and professionalism has made Razorhornet.com the #1 site for ideas, and shadow boxes for over 10 years. We have over 3 million visitors a year and wish them all to find something they are looking for. Email for custom gifts but a good idea is $600 for a shadowbox $200 to mount everything. Plus shipping can be around $1000 total out of your pocket for a custom finished shadowbox in your hands. The shadow boxes on my first page are ready to ship and you can glue all the items in with gorilla glue. Brass can be ordered from me also, chart below is a good idea for the cost of engraving. Email to start an order [email protected] 

QMC(SW)Gleason Retired 22 years of service

below is our price chart for brass engraving or wood area cost

Brass Engraving Price
fast turn around

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