Chief Charge Books

Below are some exaples of Chief selectees vessels and kits that we have helped other chiefs from the past. We have been making them for over 15 years now and know what you need that you will be proud of when you are old and gray.

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100% finished

We hand craft the boxes to ensure they are all the same, and your chief mess will be proud of you.


Laser Engrave Backs

$50 ea to digitally clean images, design, and laser 

Chief Kits

Kit is perfectly closing box. You will need to buy the hardware here, and light sand and stain. Put all your brass and anchor on the front and lock the vessel up and don’t lose it. $120 FREE shipping, comes with 4″ CPO anchor, brass, one engraving inside, and box.


Below are the items you can add to your vessel

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$20.00 $6.00 delivery

Polished Solid Brass Hasp Set - Furniture Drawers Cabinet Doors Chest Box Lids Padlock (Brass)

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