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The Best: Our 4″ Replica Collar Device, the Ideal Choice for Your Shadowboxes and Chief Charge Books. Trusted by Hundreds. Click the image to have Free Prime Delivery

Charge book Kit

As a distinguished Chief, I understand the importance of precision and excellence. That’s why I offer a specially curated wooden box kit designed with your needs in mind. This comprehensive kit comes nearly complete, ensuring a seamless experience as you embark on crafting a masterpiece. With intricate engravings adorning the interior and all the necessary hardware meticulously chosen, your task becomes a delightful journey of personalization. A light sanding to your preference, a stain that resonates with your vision, and the placement of hardware elements is all it takes. A clear coat finish adds the final touch of refinement.

For those seeking an even more personalized touch, brass name plates can be crafted at an additional cost. The kit itself is priced at $200, plus applicable tax, and a modest shipping fee of $20. This all-inclusive package totals approximately $240, ensuring you have everything you need to embark on this crafting venture. Furthermore, I offer enticing bulk discounts for those who discover my site, encouraging camaraderie among peers.

Elevate your woodworking journey and embark on a project that symbolizes your dedication to precision and accomplishment. Order your Chief’s Wooden Box Kit today and experience the pride of creating a timeless masterpiece

Items you need for Charge Book Vessel

Brass Hasp

These sell out fast order now

Mini Solid Brass Hinges

Predrill the holes

Brass Corners

This is a pack of 4 so order 2

Brass Handle

Mark the holes and drill

2 PCS Solid Brass Combination Lock 4 Copper Digit Padlock for Indoor and Outdoor Rustless

Anchors Aweigh US Navy Song - Music & Lyrics

As a group I would learn this and have it on repeat

The Marines' Hymn

I also would try to sing this 

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