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Welcome to our page dedicated to veterans and products proudly made in America! As a retired Navy Chief with a passion for technology and craftsmanship, you share a unique connection with our handpicked selection of shops. These veteran artisans have poured their skills, dedication, and creativity into crafting remarkable handmade items, ranging from intricately designed woodwork pieces to cutting-edge AI-infused tarot cards. By exploring these treasures, you’re not just supporting local businesses, but also fellow veterans who understand the values of service, commitment, and innovation. Whether it’s the love for new technology, the appreciation for finely crafted goods, or the camaraderie of being part of a military family, this collection echoes the spirit that defines you. Discover the stories within each creation and embrace the legacy of veterans shaping the future while honoring the past. #VeteranMade #MadeInAmerica #HandmadeTreasures

Logo Creation

Experience the art of precision with our vectorized images tailored for flawless prints. Say goodbye to generic AI-generated pictures – we go beyond by meticulously handcrafting each image, ensuring unparalleled quality and clarity. From captivating logos that define your brand to eye-catching posters that demand attention, we specialize in delivering exceptional detail and resolution. Starting at just $20, our expertise brings your vision to life, offering a cost-effective solution for top-notch designs. Elevate your prints with our creativity and precision, where every pixel tells a story of craftsmanship.

Web Site Design

Are you a veteran or a proud supporter of American-made products? Looking to extend that pride to your online presence? Look no further! Our web design services are tailored to reflect the essence of your veteran identity and the craftsmanship that defines you. Just as you appreciate the intricate details in handcrafted goods, our small area-focused web design ensures your online space reflects the same attention to detail. With a touch of innovation and a deep understanding of your values, we’ll create a digital platform that resonates with your audience, whether they’re fellow veterans or those who appreciate the dedication that goes into everything made in America. Let’s collaborate to craft a website that proudly showcases your identity and services.

$1000 for a finished site and $25 a month for maintenance

Aaron's Anchors

Senior Chief Aaron, a true master of craftsmanship behind Aaron’s Anchors. With his skillful hands and the power of his CNC machine, he brings to life exquisite paddles, plaques, shadowboxes, and custom gifts that capture the essence of your most cherished moments. As a trusted friend for years, he’s been dedicated to turning your visions into reality, infusing each creation with a touch of artistry and heartfelt dedication. Whether it’s commemorating milestones or celebrating achievements, Senior Chief Aaron’s creations are more than just pieces – they’re reflections of your journey, meticulously crafted to perfection. Join us in celebrating his talent and friendship, as he continues to make memories tangible through his exceptional work. Mention you found him on Razorhornet for a discount.

Join Our Veteran-Made in America Showcase: Celebrating Craftsmanship and Excellence

Attention fellow veterans and proud supporters of American-made products! We’re thrilled to extend a heartfelt invitation to you. Are you a new veteran entrepreneur who crafts exceptional handmade items or offers specialized services? Our platform is here to uplift your journey. As a dedicated tribute to the spirit of veterans and the artistry of American craftsmanship, we offer a unique opportunity for you to showcase your company on our website – and the best part? It’s entirely free. We believe in fostering a community of excellence and camaraderie, where your talents and dedication can shine. If your creations are made in America and reflect the passion and precision of a veteran, we want to hear from you. Drop us an email with your company’s details, and let’s collaborate to give your business the recognition it truly deserves. Join us in celebrating the ethos of service and ingenuity, one veteran-made masterpiece at a time.

Join Our Veteran-Made in America Showcase

Calling all veteran entrepreneurs who are passionate about their craft and proud of their American-made products and services! We invite you to be a part of our exclusive showcase that celebrates the essence of service and ingenuity. Share your business with us, and let your creations shine on our platform dedicated to veteran excellence. It’s not just about showcasing your products; it’s about honoring the spirit of veterans while celebrating the artistry that defines our nation. Join hands with fellow veterans and fellow makers and let’s make your mark together.

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